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Most people want to know something about any psychotherapist that they are considering seeing. You will want to talk about deeply personal issues in therapy and while you can really only know how you will feel doing so once you have a visit, of course you want to have some background information before you decide to schedule an appointment. Here are a few of the basics about my training and experience.

I received my clinical counselor's training at Antioch New England Graduate School, earning a master's degree in counseling psychology. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensed by the state of Connecticut (lic. # 001471) and am also a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). I am also an Internal Family Systems (IFS) trained therapist. You can learn more about IFS here:

Believing that our minds, bodies, and spirits are intricately connected, I take a holistic approach in helping my clients to explore what's happening in their lives. I regularly seek out continuing education in a broad range of areas and read clinical literature and attend professional conferences and trainings because I like to have a lot of tools available so that I can make my best effort to truly help a wide array of people. We all have so many very specifically individualized problems, feelings, and ways of developing and coping with life that it has always seemed to me that there is no one form of therapy that will work well for everyone. It makes sense that the more training and experience I have, the better chance that I can help you. My experience as a mother who has raised two children into adulthood is an important component that contributes to how I work as a therapist, along with my education and professional training.

I have been providing psychotherapy, psycho-education and personal growth seminars for individuals, couples and groups in private practice since 1995. I spent the early part of my counseling career providing therapy for young adults at the Counseling Center at Eastern Connecticut Sate University and later was on staff at Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc, a private non-profit corporation located in Hartford, Connecticut which provides high quality substance abuse treatment and supportive services. At ADRC I designed and implemented a group curriculum dealing with spiritual issues in recovery as well as providing individual counseling sessions for clients and staff. Over the years I have worked intensively with clients dealing with issues that include:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • eating disorders/body image issues

  • trauma

  • addictions

  • parenting

  • couples issues

  • grief and loss

While I consider myself a generalist in terms of preferring to be open to working with a wide array of issues and populations, I specialize in working with people who are in transitional periods in their lives dealing with issues such as:

  • relationships/marriage/divorce

  • educational or career changes

  • changing stages in children's or parent's lives

  • recovery from addictions

I also have extensive experience organizing, designing, and implementing psycho-educational classes and personal growth workshops. I have been an educator since 1990, teaching in private and public schools, local colleges, and non-profit organizations. I also provide training and supervision for individuals working toward licensure in the mental health field. A few of the many subjects I have covered in my classes and workshops include:

  • stress reduction & relaxation

  • parenting adolescent children

  • mind/body psychology

  • couples issues

  • gender awareness

  • group dynamics & interpersonal relationships

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