Penny Field

Penny Field is a psychotherapist in private practice in East Hartford, CT. She works with people who are looking for help and support while experiencing major life transitions such as divorce, career changes, parenting issues, health challenges and grief or loss.

Office: East Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-966-4480

One of the few constants in life is change. As we move through our lives, we often find ourselves in periods of transition that can cause us to feel confused, anxious, or depressed, even if the changes are positive and exciting. Talking with a compassionate, empathetic professional can help.

Times of transition may include:

  • Relationship breakups or divorce

  • Educational or career changes

  • Marriage or starting a new relationship

  • Changing stages in our childrens' and parents' lives

  • Grief and/or loss

  • Tackling addiction

Transitions, while challenging and often stressful, with help and good support can be opportunities for true personal growth and transformation. Please do explore my website to see if I might be the right person to help you through your current challenges.

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