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I believe that there are the two primary kinds of change: external change and internal change. Perhaps you’re thinking about seeking help because of one of these two things. External changes are often out of our control, such as the loss of a job, illness and injury, or death of a loved one, but external changes also include many things we might purposely choose, such as moving, going back to school, or getting married. Receiving help and support with these kinds of changes can turn the transition into a growth opportunity that can lead to internal and external changes that are often life transforming.

Internal change is a change in the self. Sometimes internal change happens naturally over time or as the result of a major life circumstance, but most often we are caught in the many patterns that we learned as survival mechanisms in our families of origin. Many times we can see that how we are responding to our life circumstances and relationships with others needs to change but we cannot seem to help our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Again, with good help and support, internal change can begin to occur and personal transformation can take place.

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