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My Practice

My private practice, the Center for Transition and Transformation, is in East Hartford, Connecticut. I’m happy to offer a free fifteen minute phone consultation before setting up your first appointment. My office phone number is 860-568-0209. Feel free to call me and if you don’t get me, please leave a message with the best time for me to reach you and then we can talk a bit about how I can help. Read more.

My Philosophy

I believe that there are the two primary kinds of change: external change and internal change. Perhaps you’re thinking about seeking help because of one of these two things. Read more.

My Training and Experience

Most people want to know something about any psychotherapist that they are considering seeing. You will want to talk about deeply personal issues in therapy and while you can really only know how you will feel doing so once you have a visit, of course you want to have some background information before you decide to schedule an appointment. Here are a few of the basics about my training and experience. Read more.

Classes, Workshops, Groups

There are no classes or workshops being offered at this time. Keep checking for future offerings. Here are some classes and workshops I've offered in the past. Read more.

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